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We’ll catch y’all up on things.

After a few significant life/career changes, the self-employed chapter of my life has taken an exciting turn, and I'm currently accepting new contracts…with the right kind of client.

With over a decade of experience in marketing and communications, I've learned that my favorite clients are those who recognize the impact of strategy-focused, super-reliable copywriting and editing services. Recently I formed the Makeshift Muse, LLC to grow those services further.

About My Work

Some of the writing work that I’ve done is for marketing agencies and new brands, so I don’t always have a byline. But you can check out some of my previous work on the web at the following links (or we can talk about a test article):

The stats are in: teams with more women are just smarter, y'all.
Why we need to stop using the term "disrupt."
4 ideas for self-care that you can use right now.


I’ve also planned and produced a number of events in my lifetime, including alumni reunions, startup pitch events, and pop-up coworking programs. (If you like LinkedIn, my page showcases a few of those events.)

You can also check out my personal blog (and occasional poetry) on my Medium page