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We’ll catch y’all up on things.

After a few significant life/career changes, the self-employed chapter of my life has taken an exciting turn, and I'm currently accepting new contracts…with the right kind of client.

With over a decade of experience in marketing and communications, I've learned that my favorite clients are those who recognize the impact of strategy-focused, super-reliable copywriting and editing services. Recently I formed the Makeshift Muse, LLC and hired an awesome assistant to help expand and grow those services further.

About My Work

Some of the work that I’ve done is for marketing agencies and new brands, so I don’t always have a byline. But you can check out some of my previous work on the web at the following links (or we can talk about a test article):

The stats are in: teams with more women are just smarter, y'all.
Why we need to stop using the term "disrupt."
4 ideas for self-care that you can use right now.


You can also check out my personal blog (and occasional poetry) on my Medium page